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Electronics Teaching Trips
Lowrance and Hummingbird Units

BCGS ELECTRONICS TEACHING TRIPS are lessons on the lake on how to read, understand and apply the new structure side imaging, down imagining, Genisis mapping, sonar, GPS, etc.

~ Customer Testimonials~
"Brian, we had a great time Thursday, learning tons of info. Ben was very knowledgable and an excellent instructor. His knowledge of these new structure scan systems and his hands on approach was great. I think you are providing a great service. Thanks."

"I am one happy customer! I was incredibly impressed with everything about Brian Carper's Guide Service. They recently installed a new Lowrance graph on my boat and then we spent a day on the water full of instruction and hands on training. I learned more in a few hours with Ben than I did in months of my own research. One of the best parts wasn't really the knowledge, but the beginning of friendships. I highly recommend all of the services of Brian Carper's Guide Service!"
~ Brian Clifton

"Thanks for a great day! I highly recommend Trey and BCGS!"
~ Alex Hawkins

"I would encourage anyone that wants to maximize the abilities of their electronics to book a trip. I learned a lot today. We took my boat and Trey showed me things about my electronics that I was't aware of."
~ Jim Schmidt

Half Day (4hrs) - 1-2 People = $295
3/4 Day (6hrs) - 1-2 People = $345
Full Day (8hrs) - 1-2 People = $395

Package Discounts (Book more than one trip and save!)
Half day (4 hours) Packages:
2 trips - $545 (Save $45)
3 trips - $795 (Save $90)
4 trips - $1040 (Save $140)

3/4 Day (6 hours) Packages:
2 trips - $635 (Save $55)
3 trips - $930 (Save $105)
4 trips - $1215 (Save $165)
Full Day (8 hours) Packages:
2 trips - $725 (Save $65)
3 trips - $1065 (Save $120)
4 trips - $1390 (Save $190)

(2 person max on electonic teaching class.)
Trip Payments

Cancellation Policy:
Canceling an instructional trip within 2 weeks results in loss of your deposit.
Rescheduling a instructional trip within 48 hours results in loss of your deposit.
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